Sunday, October 30, 2005

Celebrity Rockers

Juliette Lewis and the Licks are coming to the Ottobar tomorrow night and this fact got me trying to come up with a list of celebrity actor rockers. This is what I have so far - if you can think of any more Method Rockers, please add a comment!


1. Juliette Lewis and the Licks
2. The Bacon Brothers (Kevin Band Mechael Bacon)
3. Gina Gershon (Girls Against Boys)
4. Dogstar and Becky (with Rebecca Lord from MTV's Real World) (Keanu Reeves ensembles)
5. Wicked Wisdom (Jada Pinkette Smith)
6. 30 Oddfoot or Grunts (Russell Crowe)
7. Bruce Willis & The Accelerators
8. Ear2000 (David Arquette)
9. Phantom Planet (Jason Schwartzman)
10. Jack Wagner (Frisco Jones on General Hospital)
11. Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital)
12. 30 seconds To Mars (Jared Leto) - Thanks Caprice!
13. Aleka's Attic (River Phoenix, R.I.P.); the band recorded a song for the PETA album Tame Yourself - Thanks again Caprice!
14. Lieutenant Dan Band (Gary Sinise)
15. Dennis Quaid and the Sharks
16. The Kids (Johnny Depp) - hear Johnny play lead guitar on Time Is the Key!
17. Milla Jovovich (see
18. Kevin Costner & Amy Grant (sing a duet at end of The Postman)

This just in...You're right, Scott! How could I forget Corey Feldman, whose lyrics put Dylan, Costello, Lennon and Cobain to shame and whose brilliant musical notations make Beethoven himself green with envy? And he also co-wrote a song with #11, Rick Springfield, on his Former Child Actor CD. So without further ado:

19. Corey Feldman

Further Actor Turned Rocker References:

Will Juliette Break Movie Star Rockers Curse? (Netscape Celebrity)
Rocked With Gina Gershon (DVD Verdict)


OK, but what about the flip side of the coin? Or record, in this case. What about rockers turned actors? Blender magazine put together a list of the 25 worst rock star actors of all-time, reprinted here from (a great website that allows users to vote on celebrities based on their annoyance factors; with more than sixteen thousand profiles of public figures, it lays the claim as the largest on-going celebrity polling site on the Internet).

The 25 Worst Rock Star Actors of All-Time:
1. Madonna
2. Bob Dylan
3. Mariah Carey
4. Jon Bon Jovi
5. Elvis Presley
6. Britney Spears
7. Vanilla Ice
8. Neil Diamond
9. Gene Simmons
10. Master P
11. Peter Frampton
12. Ringo Starr
13. Michael Hutchence
14. James Taylor
15. Roger Daltry
16. Beanie Siegel
17. Mick Jagger (sorry Marnie!)
18. Ja Rule
19. The Spice Girls
20. Run DMC
21. Ozzy Osbourne
22. Prince
23. Flea
24. Sting
25. Dr. Dre

What, no Arch Hall, Jr.?

Moonlighting Rockers Who Can Actually Act Or At Least Don't Totally Embarass Themselves:
1. Mandy Moore (she's great in Saved!)
2. Marjo Gortner ("World's Youngest Ordained Minister" as a 4-year-old before singing in bands and later to be the subject of the documentary Marjo and star of Earthquake, among countless others pics)
3. Johnny Hallyday (the French Elvis - The Jimi Hendrix Experience played their very first gig as support for the French heartthrob at the Paris Olympia in October 1966; he starred in L'Homme du Train and numerous other French films)
4. John Doe
5. John Taylor of Duran Duran (Sugartown)
6. Susanna Hoffs (the former Bangle's Citizen Kane was 1987's The All-Nighter)
7. David Bowie (doesn't necessarily embarass himself)
8. Tom Waits
9. John Lurie
10. Mark Wahlberg
11. Gwen Steffani (The Aviator)
12. Cher
13. Jennifer Lopez
14. Lyle Lovett
15. Chris Isaac
16. Johnny Cash
17. Adam Faith
18. Cliff Richard
19. Paul Jones (Manfre Mann's star of cult classic Privilege)
20. Jane Birkin
21. Levon Helm (Coal Miner's Daughter)

Fade To Black: Hip Hop Musicians Gone Hollywood:
Geeze - there's just too many! Thanks to Abby Cooley for the assist!

1. Will Smith
2. Ice Cube
3. Ice-T
4. Usher
5. 50 Cent
6. Xhibit
7. LL Cool J
8. Snoop Dogg
9. Ludacris
10. Sisqo
11. Missy Eliott
12. Queen Latifah
13. Tupaq
14. Method Man (Method Acting? He's a natural!)
15. Eve
16. Nas
17. T-Boz
18. Aaliyah
19. Lil' Kim
20. Marcus Houston (B2K)
21. Bow Wow
22. Mos Def
23. DMX
24. Tyrese
25. Puffy/Puff Daddy/P. Diddy ("legitimate" Broadway theatre!)

See also Entertainment Weekly's 10 Best Rapper-Actors list, reprinted below with EW's noteworthy performance nods.

EW's 10 Best Rapper-Actors:

1. 50 cent (Get Rich Or Die Tryin', 2005)
2. Ice Cube (Boyz N the Hood, 1991)
3. Will Smith (Six Degrees of Separartion, 1993)
4. Tupac Shakur (Gridlock'd, 1997)
5. Queen Latifah (Living Out Loud, 1998)
6. LL Cool J (Deep Blue Sea, 1999)
7. Diddy (Monster Ball, 2001)
8. Eminem (8 Mile, 2002)
9. DMX (Never Die Alone, 2004)
10. Mos Def (The Woodsman, 2004)

Of course, I don't agree with EW's list, but there it is for scholarly debate among all you rap cineaste bitches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

30 seconds to mars - jared leto
aleka's attic - river phoenix (r.i.p.)

this is all i think of off the top of my head. if i think of more, i'll post.

- caprice

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot Corey Feldman!

And I actually sat thru THE POSTMAN and enjoyed it.

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Bridal Gowns said...

Especially the wide cuts and the substances covered in pastel let wedding dreams come true.

3:54 AM  

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