Sunday, October 30, 2005

Gay Haiku

Gay Haiku is the self-descriptive title of a funny poetry book I saw the other day at the library. It's by Joel Derfner, whose bio claims that he is attempting to become "the gayest person ever" by taking up both knitting and a gig as an aerobics instructor. Coupled with his verse, he's well on his way.

My fave gay haikooze:

Your CD rack has
No Barbra, Britney, or Cher
Are you sure you're gay?

Where are all these gays
Going this early? Oh, right:
Sale at Ikea

See the gay man in
His natural habitat:
bed, Bath & Beyond

And what better way to end, then:
I know you think I
Like it when you slap my ass
You are mistaken


Anonymous Anonymous said...

take a look at my haikus..some are gays some are about movies... love to know what you think.

6:27 PM  
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