Monday, January 21, 2008

More Views Askew

Dan-Eye Lynn, Hide-Eye Klum and Lazye Thom

Thanks to the two Scotts - Scott "Unpainted" Huffines and Scott Wallace Brown - for giving me informative feedback on my Lazy Eye Stars post. SWB informed me that Jack Elam's lazy eye was, like ESPN sportscaster Stu Scott's, the result of an injury. And Scott "Huffines Has It!" Huffines sent me the following candidates for the Lazy Eye roll call:

Thom Yorke of Radiohead

I always assumed that the pretentious frontman (Thom? How very...) of college radio faves Radiohead was just being dour when he made these sucked-on-a-lemon faces, but I now see it's a lazy eye of the classic "London Paris" variety.

Heidi Klum

This shot of a preggers Heidi (carrying a package Seal-ed with a kiss?) gives credence to the lazy eye rumor.

Though I prefer this less scary one, with Heidi wearing make-up:

Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead

According to the gossip site, the White Trash love child of Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead suffers from strabismus (the medical term for "lazy eye") and may have to undergo surgery to correct it. She currently wears an eye patch and takes medical drops to help the condition. For more, see the scoop from a site called Celebrity Baby Blog (

And speaking of babes with lazy eye, word has it that Paris Hilton is also looking into having surgery to correct her strabismus, a condition she reportedly blames on wearing tinted contact lenses.

And speaking of come what may...the 2002 horror film May starred Angela Bettis as a lonely child with a lazy eye that scared her playmates away.

Angela Bettis gives her playmates the evil eye

She naturally grows up into revengeful nutjob who uses the body parts of her aquaintances to build a playmate for her doll.

Angela Bettis attempts corrective surgery in MAY

And - Gott in Himmel! - how could I forget...

Shannen Doherty

The former star of TV shows Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed has a left eye one centimeter higher than her right eye, which technically doesn't fit the lazy eye criteria, but would have made her an ideal model for Picasso, as shown below.

Addendum: An Anonymous Add (1/22/08)

Thanks to the anonymous commentor who nominated Melissa Joan Hart of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame. Good call, Anonymous! It's weird, I used to watch her all the time on Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains It All (a great show, with a great theme song sung by Rachel Sweet!) and I never noticed it. Maybe she developed it late?

Melissa Joan Hart


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melissa Joan Hart! Melissa Joan Hart!

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spent the season of Project Runway rewinding my TV and pausing on shots of Heidi's wandering eyes. My roommate found it mildly amusing, but I am perplexed what with her supermodel status and all. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Oh yeah, and I knew Brenda Walsh had something odd going on back in highschool 90210. No camera angle can disquise such an anamoly.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strabismus is not the medical term for a lazy eye. That would be Amblyopia.

4:39 AM  
Blogger dennymour said...

You know “Angelina Joulie” is my favorite one among all celebrities with lazy eye, as you can also see in this image, shown on this blog. She looks so beautiful with her marked blue eyes, in her every pose. Really she is a stunning personality!

5:40 AM  
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