Sunday, August 09, 2009

Song Sung Blue

Man U Cries Foul? Get Over It!

Kalou's kick wins it for the Blues

Chelsea beat Manchester United 4-1 on penalties (after being deadlocked 2-2 in regular time) to win (the glorified pre-season tune-up "friendly") FA Community Shield at Wembley and earn new coach Carlo Ancelotti his first piece of silver at Stamford Bridge. Of course, because it was a Man U-Chelsea game, it did not want for controversy and it came in the form of a Michael Ballack foul on Patrice Evra that wasn't called and led to Chelsea's breakaway go-ahead goal by Frank Lampard that made it 2-1 Blues.

Was it a foul? Of course it was - Ballack's a dirty player and it was a cynical challenge, like a moving pick in basketball, that blindsided Evra and flattened him. But Evra's a hot-head and let Ballack - a master mind-tripper - get into his and his team's head. The rule is, if the ref doesn't blow the whistle, play on. The beautiful game is also a cruel game and Lord knows the Blues have been on the bad end of that unblown whistle (see this year's controversial Champions League semi-final against FC Barcelona for example!). A riled up Rooney took advantage of Petr Cech's atrocious clearance (all Chelsea had to do was maintain possession with a minute to go in regular time, so what does Cech do but boom the ball into Man U territory for an immediate giveaway) to make it all academic.

Typically, Slur Alex Ferguson said it cost the Reds the game, showing he's ready to start whining early (like he never gets the good, late calls at Old Trafford!). Look, bottom line is, it's a moot point because Rooney tied the game at 2-2 in added extra time and Evra, with his chance to avenge himself in the penalty kicks shootout, blew it with a pathetic dribbler of a shot while Ballack buried his bullet. 4-1 end result. End of story. Justice served.

Now play on and get on with it!


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