Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bush Given the Boot

These Boots Were Made For Hurling

God, I love this! An Iraqi journalist hurls his shoes at our Commander-in-Thief and Bush seems oblivious to its meaning (slapping someone's face with your shoe is considered the ultimate insult in the Arab world, where the soles of one’s feet are thought to be the dirtiest part of the body and, hence, showing one's soles is considered an extreme sign of disrespect) - and somehow The Great Liberator even manages to turn an event demonstrating his unpopularity with the minions he liberated into some kind of celebration of democratic freedom (which he defines not as "freedom of expression" but the freedom "to draw attention to yourself"). Good reaction time there, though, gotta admit. And what's with Bush smiling at the hurl like it's some innocent fratboy horseplay straight out out of Animal House? Is he merely clueless about cultural customs and mores or just naturally dim-witted?


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