Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Manual Cryo-Precipitate Removal Device

They called for possible snow flurries tonight in Baltimore, so I grabbed my tried and true Manual Control Cryo-Precipitate Removal Device (pictured left) from storage and threw it in the car on the way into work. Sounding like a Devo album title, this literally named "ice scraper" was the brainchild of Scott "Unpainted" Huffines, who created these handy devices as holiday stocking stuffers during the late '90s heyday of his Atomic Books Empire.

For my money, it remains the greatest Atomic Books accessory ever - better than the "Q: Are We Not Kiss? A: We Are Devo" t-shirts (created for a one-off Kiss and Devo cover songs event at the old Memory Lane club) and the limited-run Atomic TV thongs that were "Indian given" to select female porn stars at the Atlantic City East Coast Video Show. While those accessories have long since faded or decomposed, the Manual Control Cryo-Precipitate Removal Device remains a valued and functional tool each passing Winter!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Sean Carton came up with the name of that device... jeez was that like 15 years ago?

7:10 PM  
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