Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Favorite Halvsies

To Half and To Half Not

My girlfriend Amy is Half Japanese (no, NOT the band, the bloodline!), so of course I love Halvsies. There's even a site dedicated to Half Japanese people: www.halvsie.com/halfjapanese

This is Amy:

Amy's other half is Baltimorean, specifically Dundalk (which everyone knows is better than Essex!).

Amy is my favorite Half Japanese person. Some other notables include:
Ann Curry, NBC Today Host, Takeshi Kaneshiro (Japanese actor from House of Flying Daggers), Miki Berenyi (lead singer of the British band Lush) and J-Pop Superstar Namie Amuro.

My Better Halves

I love halvsies of any stripe; they don't have to be Half Japanese. I even like Half and Half in my coffee. And speaking of non-dairy creamers, my favorite porn stars are all halvsies. To wit:

Katsumi is half French, half Vietnamese.

Kira Kenner is half Norwegian, half Vietnamese.

And Bamboo is also half French, half Vietnamese.

(Say what you will about the French and their failed colonization of Indochina...they may have lost Dien Bien Phu, but at least they gave us Katsumi and Bamboo.

As you can see, divisiveness can be a good thing. So divide and conquer!


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