Friday, September 30, 2005

Ridiculous Infomercials

Thanks to my friend Scott Huffines for sending me this great link!

Ridiculous Infomercial Review

This website gleans laughs from the tacky world of shameless television infomercials, from such renowned pitchmen as Tony Little, Matthew Lesko and the most bizarro of them all, Santo Gold!

Santo Gold
This infomercial tries to do two very different tasks at the same time: sell a gold jewelry business opportunity and promote a "science-fiction space wrestling movie" called Blood Circus about aliens from outer space who come to Earth to fight has-been professional wrestlers. No copies of this film are known to exist, outside of clips aired in producer Santo Rigatuso's "Santo Gold" infomercials. The original reel is presumed to be lost.

Blood Circus Trivia:

  • The wrestling scenes were filmed at the Baltimore Civic Center. Producers billed the event as a wrestling match and concert, and charged $9 for admission.

  • Only three people showed up to the premiere: an extra and two movie critics.

  • Producers were forced to rent a theater in Baltimore to show the movie after they were unable to find a distributor.

  • The movie was heavily advertised in infomercials for producer Santo Rigatuso's "Santo Gold" mail-order jewelry business. The movie's price tag of $2 million was paid for by the proceeds from the business.

Sing along with the theme song, "Santo Gold:
I got chains. I got charms.
I got bracelets for your arms.
Money back guarantee.
Five-year warranty...

Santo Gold. Santo Gold.
We know you're going to like it.
24-karat Santo Gold

Blood Circus Clips:
Santo Gold Song

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